The Importance of Nutrition for Student Athletes

Max Muscle Nutrition stresses the importance of proper nutrition for growing student athletes. As an athlete, you expect more from you body and you should be aware of how important proper nutrition is.  Proper nutrition can help prevent fatigue, prevent muscle loss and muscle wasting.  From brain activity to the movement of each individual muscle fiber, nutrition powers every part of the body.  If you do not supply your body with the nutrients that it needs, it will begin to slow down and function poorly.  The balance of macronutrients is essential for preventing the body from easily being over-trained. 

Get the Most Out of Your Training


Incorporate our Student Athlete Stack to fuel your body through every workout and training for your sport. 

*** Recommended stack:  Pro 360, CarboMax and Pro BCAA ***

PRO 360 was formulated to meet the current permissible protein content per serving of the NCAA. Carbohydrates are the most important fuel source for energy production during exercise.  Carbohydrates also promote the production of more concentrated and stored carbohydrates in muscles and liver called glycogen. Glycogen provides carbohydrate fuel reserves for extended exercise, is a protein-sparing nutrient, and works with proteins to rebuild muscle. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that carbohydrate be ingested at a rate of 30 to 60 grams per hour to maintain oxidation of carbohydrates as fuel and delay fatigue. PRO 360 provides an ideal 38 grams of rapidly assimilated and intermediate molecular weight carbohydrates providing the ideal amount of carbohydrate to maximize continuous and extended use.

Branched Chained Amino Acid (BCAA) are great to drink during your workouts and training days.  Our Pro BCAA will replenish electrolytes and decrease the catabolic activity in the muscles. 

Schedule a Nutrition Seminar for Your School

Nutrition seminars are great for sport teams of all kinds.  We believe it is necessary to educate and set guidelines for the student athletes in our community about how to make necessary healthy food choices on their own, as athletes.  Keeping in mind that everyone is different and young bodies will respond differently to training and diet.  Our goal is to help Student Athletes learn basic nutrition education on how to eat.

Athlete’s nutritional needs differ between men and women athletes.  For young female athletes balance is key.  Girls who do not balance the nutritional needs of their bodies and their sports can have major, long term consequences such as disordered eating, osteoporosis and amenorrhea. 

Contact: to schedule a nutrition seminar for your school, squad or team.